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The Malden Writers’ Collaborative

It goes without saying that writing is a personal expression of ourselves. By being part of a writing group, we are choosing to share an intimate part of ourselves with others. It takes courage and strength to share your writing knowing that people will have diverse opinions about it. The ideal members for our group are supportive, open-minded and thoughtful to their fellow writers in every way. We are looking to help each other grow, not tear each other down. Anyone looking to join our group should be prepared to leave their judgements, jealousy, and negative energy at the door. Feel free to pick them up on your way out, if you really want to.

5th Annual Public Reading
Thursday, May 28th
7:00 pm
Maccario Room - Malden Public Library

Click here to see pictures from our 2012 reading!
Click here to see pictures from our 2013 reading!
Click here to see pictures from our 2014 reading!

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